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How Ethos can help you find a teaching role

We’re always a step ahead

We start working on the next academic year more than a year in advance, so we’ll know of some roles before they get to advert and when there are opportunities for further progression down the line. This means we can work with you now while also planning the next step in your career.

Free job hunter service 

I know it sounds too good to be true but it is! There is absolutely no cost for ECTs and experienced teachers to take advantage of our job hunter service. Our main focus is helping you find a permanent teaching role where you are employed directly by the school so there’s nothing we take out of you salary later. 

We save you precious time
We all know that searching for a new role can be stressful an overwhelming from scrolling through the job boards to completing long application forms for schools you know won’t be a good fit 5 minutes into meeting. For most placements, you won’t have to fill out an application until after you accept the job offer. 

We care and that makes a difference

We have a real commitment to making sure the right teachers end up in the right jobs and our work doesn’t stop at a successful placement. We love hearing from the teachers we placed and hear about the value you added in the schools you ended up in.

We offer relocation support

We have an exclusive network of schools across London and the Home Counties so if you’d relocating to a new area for the right school and role, we can help from identifying suitable areas to live in or introducing you to other teachers in the same boat.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can support your job search. 

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