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Things to think about when writing your personal statement

Your personal statement needs to give an insight into your personality & unique qualities only you hold.

The best personal statements are more than just a list of experiences and achievements. A statement which tells a compelling story will always compel the reader to want to find out more. If you keep your philosophy as the central theme and ensure that you use examples of practice which link back to that, it will ensure that your personal statement is a coherent and interesting piece of writing.

What drew you to teaching? Headteachers want to understand your background, inspiration, the reason you trained to be a teacher and why you want to teach your specialism. 

What are your key achievements? Think about your teaching career highlights. What are you most proud of? Headteachers DO want to know you can show pupil progression & results demonstrated. Use as many examples as you can throughout your personal statement. 

Mentors – By now you will have been observed by your mentor. Do you have any observation reports or quotes from observations you can include in your personal statement?

What’s your teaching philosophy? Schools do like to know you are “on trend” with modern teaching practices & influenced by educators theory.

Extracurricular – obviously it’s huge for schools. Did you set up any new clubs? be part of a Sports Day, judge a school baking completion etc? How are your hobbies | interests helpful to the wider school community?

ICT – did you run any cross curricular projects, lessons etc? Combine Drama with English? Do you frequently use apps in your teaching? For example Kahoot | ClassDojo or….?

Portfolio of work – do you have any links to a YouTube video | photos of children’s work | thank you letters from children, parents? Anything visual to grab the attention of a Headteacher.

Get personal. Write about what makes you, YOU in the classroom.

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Things to think about when writing your personal statement

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