Job Listing #4

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We let the reviews do the talking

I just want to thank Ethos Education so much for such a supportive and positive experience so far! Finding a teaching job can be so stressful, but this agency managed to take away pretty much all of that stress and placed me in a school that I am loving. I feel like they really care – they don’t just place you in a school and leave you to it. There’s a supportive communication follow up that goes with Ethos Education. This is an agency I’ll be telling all my teaching friends about if ever they need/want an agency.

Hannah Pham – English Teacher

Simon helped me find my first official teaching (NQT) job! I never thought I would find my job through an agency, but I’m glad I gave Simon and the NQTJobHunters team a chance. They found me a role in my first-choice school! The process was always clear, Simon is very personable, transparent, and always puts me at ease! He gave me interview tips, always chased up necessary information for me and sends out communications in a timely manner. His response times are immaculate. He is always on hand to help and is so friendly and humble. He works with a large network of schools in London and the Southeast and has a high success rate in successfully placing happy candidates including myself! I would honestly say if you’re looking for an NQT job, don’t limit yourself to job boards and give Ethos Education and Simon a go! He is bound to find a school that fits your criteria, just tell him what you need, and he’ll do all the hard work!

Laurel Umo – Maths Teacher

Raj has been a true pleasure to work with. She has approached me in a very sensitive way, she has listened to me and has been truly supportive. Raj has taken my best interest at heart and has never pushed me to make decisions I was not ready or prepared to make. I would warmly recommend her for her professionalism paired up with a sincere desire to find the best fit for all.

Simonetta Taccuso – Director of MFL and EAL

Gemma has recommended many vacancies and adjusted her search depending on my preferences. When the school and I matched and I was invited for interviews, Gemma has provided incredible amount of help in summarising school’s ethics and values to which I should appeal during the interview as well as suggestions on what type of questions will be during the interview and how I should answer. I can’t state how thankful I am for all this continuous support that Gemma and Ethos Education provided to me and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Gemma’s services to anyone.

Philipp Shitare – Science Teacher

Simon at Ethos Education was fantastic at finding the perfect role at the perfect school. Time was taken to understand my individual needs and find the right role for me. Ethos Education were extremely professional, responsive and above all caring in their approach and really gave me confidence in their service. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone looking for a job in education.

Simranjit Ahluwalia – Maths Teacher & Key Stage Coordinator

Raj is rigorous in job search. We got in touch and within 10 days I was invited to an interview! That was not it! Raj was relentless in her negotiations with the school and managed to secure the best terms for me with the school. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for the next move.

Jared Baraka – Maths Teacher, Achievement and Intervention Lead

Gemma and Simon have been wonderful since I got in touch with them as I was searching for a suitable position and wanting to move on in my career. They helped me find my first Head of Computing position, which I am really excited to start and I would not have found such a great school to work for if it wasn’t for ethos education. This was my first-time experience working with a recruitment agency since having applied for various teaching positions through TES over the years. I found this experience a lot more pleasant as I was able to converse with experienced professionals while I was searching for a role, and I felt that Simon and Gemma knew exactly what my requirements were and had a clear idea regarding what sort of school would be a best fit.

Haider Rizvi – Head of Computer Science

I dealt mainly with Raj during my brief encounter with Ethos Education and she was an excellent recruiter and a true pleasure to the company. Very knowledgeable and set up the initial meeting with the school and remained in constant contact with myself giving me advice for the interview. Even messaged me on the day of the interview to with me good luck which was very thoughtful. Would highly recommend working with Raj if you get the chance.

Tyler Blake – Primary Teacher

0203 621 6321